Our Aims

We want to support enduring medical services to needy patients in South East Asian countries, where medical expertise is lacking

The aims of the DREAMIN Foundation are to support the following:

  • Medical and surgical research
  • Training of new surgeons, both within Australia and overseas
  • Promote and maintain the highest standards of surgical care in local South Australian communities
  • Provide targeted assistance to needy patients in countries, where medical expertise is unavailable

The purposes of the DREAMIN Foundation are:

  • To provide a mechanism to review, investigate and recommend appropriate medical intervention services, to promote the prevention or the control of diseases in human beings, to assist medical research organisations and raise awareness of human diseases, to develop policies, training or programs for those people in need in Australia and developing countries. In particular but not exclusively for head and neck tumours, breast cancer, audiological services, physiotherapy for disabled and/or autistic children.
  • To deliver medical and surgical services and fund research that supports life-saving and restorative surgery for the improvement of lifestyles amongst adversely affected people in Australia and developing countries through partnerships involving Australian health professionals, The Rotary Club of Prospect Inc. and health professionals in other countries.