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The Story of Peter Pratt


The DREAMIN Foundation is proud to share with you all the story of Peter Pratt, a young child from the Solomon islands with a large nasopharyngeal angiofibroma causing significant haemorrhage requiring transfusion. The tumour was resulting in ostracisation due to its overt presence and it could not be excised in his home country. In July of 2019, the DREAMIN Foundation arranged for Peter and his mother Trudy to come to Adelaide for his life-altering operation.

Peter stayed at the Cancer Council Lodge during his time in Adelaide and we are thankful to Michelle Ruchin who organised this. The removal process occurred over several days with initial embolization being performed by Dr Michael Wilks from Radiology SA. The complex surgery was performed at Memorial Hospital with Prof Suren Krishnan and Mr Andrew Foreman for open component and A/Prof Alkis Paaltis and Mr Rowan Valentine for endoscopic skull base resection. Anaesthesia support by Dr Sandy Hancock (embolization) and Dr Jonathan Gupta (Resection). This incredible endeavour could not have occurred if it wasn’t for all the nursing staff in theares, Recovery, HDU and ICU. In particular, we would like to thank Dr Mark Finnis and colleagues in ICU as well as Ms Janet Jonganeel, CEO at Memorial for her longstanding support of all things DREAMIN. We are so pleased that we can say the operation was a success, Peter and his family got to enjoy a wonderful stay in Adelaide and we wish them all the best.

The DREAMIN Foundation organises fundraising events during the year to support the vital work being carried out by generous South Australians. As a charity, the DREAMIN Foundation is reliant on the generosity of members of the Prospect Rotary Club, associated medical professionals and members of the DREAMIN Foundation to raise much needed funds to continue the valuable work of the Foundation. If you would like to get in touch please contact Director Dr Jarrad Hopkins (0401908345) or Board Chair, Professor Suren Krishnan (0413514628)

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